Blowfish - The Walking Raven



Blowfish is a 85% indica dominate strain that is a cross between Oregon Funk x G13 crossed with Blu Dot x G13. This strain’s parent G13 might be known for its urban legends, but Blowfish is like no other; it provides a unique uplifting buzz combined with extreme relaxation.

Its buzz is just as unique as its taste which is that of citrus, berries and fuel. Blowfish’s aroma has undertones of both spicy citrus and pine. Its fluffy buds are frosted with crystals and long orange hairs.

Blowfish is ideal for relieving anxiety and pain, as well as mitigating nausea and stimulating appetite. Blowfish has been tested by CannLabs – Total Potency Results 19.15%

Blowfish is a featured strain of Premium Pete’s Cultivation; Walking Raven is a proud distributor.

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