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Cannabis Industry Changes

Cannabis Industry Changes

Hey everybody! Matt here with the Walking Raven. I’ve been working at the Walking Raven for about 4 years now. Yesterdary, January 18th, marked our one year being open to adults 21+. From our humble beginnings as a small medical store to the present, bustling, recreational store you know and love today two things have stayed the same throughout the years: Our excellent customer service and the high quality of our bud. I have done just about everything here; I have trimmed, helped with growing, budtended, and am currently the store manager. Let me take a minute to tell you all about my time here and how things have changed for the cannabis industry, an industry that is one of the fastest growing in the world.

One of the biggest aspects of this industry that has changed is the laws. I remember 2012 was a big year for marijuana laws and compliance for dispensaries. This is the year that the newly appointed Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) (at that time known as the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED)) really cracked down on stores in regards to compliance. Before 2012, we had growers walking up and down the street selling pounds out of their backpack and there really was no enforcement that would restrict people from doing this. Now, of course, each store has a grow facility and you can only purchase from other licensed facilities with a manifest, that designates what is being purchased and has to be emailed to the state. This did a couple of good things for the industry: first, it created most of the guidelines for our recreational system we’re using today. Second, it increased the professionalism among dispensaries.

Check back in next time to hear more about how professionalism has changed since I have been in the industry (and before).

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