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Cherry Northern Lights

Cherry Northern Lights

Cherry Northern Lights is a 80% indica-dominate hybrid that is a cross between #1 and #5 Cherry Northern Lights, which magnifies the positive attributes of both. This strain provides a comfortable mellow tranquility that is great for relaxing muscles and pacifying the mind into a dreamy euphoria.

Cherry Northern Lights buds are coated and crystals; its aroma is earthy with sweet cherry undertones. This strain has a smooth exhale that is crisp and refreshing.

Our test results show a high presences of the cannabinoid THCa which is ideal for relieving pain, depression, and stress. Cherry Northern Lights has been tested by CannLabs – Total Potency 14.41%.

Cherry Northern Lights is a featured strain of Premium Pete’s Cultivation; Walking Raven is a proud distributor.

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