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Christmas Cookies

Christmas CookiesChristmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies is a potent hybrid cross between Cookies & Cream and Green Ribbon BX. Christmas Cookies provides a mellow body high with a euphoric, giggly head buzz. This strain has an enticing sweet aroma and its tight, condense buds are saturated in crystals, with different shades of green mixed with hints of purple and orange hairs.

Its smoke is smooth and sweet; paired with long lasting effects, Christmas Cookies is a great for any time of day, but in high doeses can induce an early night’s sleep,.

Our test results show a high presences of the cannabinoid THCa which is ideal for relieving pain, depression, and stress. Christmas Cookies has been tested by Agricor Labs – Total Potency Results 19.92%%.

Christmas Cookies is a featured strain of Premium Pete’s Cultivation; Walking Raven is a proud distributor.

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