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New Strains Added to Strain Library!

New Strains added to Strain Library

Heads up cannaseurs, we have added four strains to our Strain Library.

Check out the new additions to the library below:

Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a 65% sativa-dominate hybrid that is a cross between Jacks Cleaner, Space Queen and Orange Skunk; creating a very unique and captivating aroma that is overwhelmingly fruity. This strain yields bright green buds with long orange hairs. AO has a light smoke that is full of citrus flavor; you might even think you just bit into a tangerine.


Afghan Bubble Gum

Afghan Bubble Gum is a 70% indica-dominate strain that is a cross between Afghan and Bubble Gum. This strain takes after its parent strain, bubble gum, producing a very fruity and berry aroma, with characteristics of the afghan’s earthy undertones; having an almost hash-like taste.


LA Kush

LA Kush is an 85% indica-dominate strain that is a cross between LA Confidential and OG Kush. Its parent strain, LA Confidential, is well known for its powerful calming body buzz, while its other parent strain, OG Kush, is best known for its euphoric effects; making LA Kush an excellent strain for relaxation and stress relief.


Raven Haze

Raven Haze is a 60% indica-dominate hybrid that is a signature strain at Walking Raven. Raven Haze serves as a great head and body buzz. This potent hybrid creates a vibrant cerebral experience, but also relieves pain due to high amounts of CBD. This strain is a great daytime smoke, managing pain but allowing you to stay focused and alert. 



Would you like to request a strain to be added to our Strain Library?

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