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The Process, Considerations, and Enjoyment of Solvent-less Bubble Hash

The Process, Considerations, and Enjoyment of Solvent-less Bubble Hash

Our strain specific solvent-less bubble hash is made right in our warehouse from our very own premium strains. Below explains the process, specific considerations, and how to enjoy our solvent-less bubble hash.

The Process

The process is somewhat labor intensive, using ice and water with nylon mesh bottomed “hash bags” to separate the trichome heads and stalks from the trim and bud. The bud is then loaded into 220 micron work bags; either closed bags for use with 5 gallon hash machines or top loading bucket bags, for processing larger quantities. After agitating and mixing, the machines are drained through a full set of 8, 5 gallon hash bags and the top load bags are pulled to reveal the slick yet full marijuana latte that is fresh bubble hash.

After a slight pressing with a very low micron drying screen the hash is set on parchment wrapped cardboard and set to dry in the Walking Raven dry room. At this point we have some really great “beach sand” solvent-less hash. After mixing and pressing, the high grade hash is grated to a dabbable consistency, to use as you would any concentrate.

What to Consider

With all extractions what you put in is what you get out, so always make sure you are using premium trim and/or flower. Depending on the quality of your material, your lower micron bags can yield beautiful product, or dirt, oils, and even pesticides, if your bud is not organic; using our organic premium trim and/or flower ensures the highest quality, potency, and purity.

How to Enjoy

Remember that solvent-less takes extra heat to vaporize, so if you dab make sure your titanium nail is red hot. Or if you are like me and use an electric nail, you want to start with your temp around 950 degrees Fahrenheit. If you prefer a vapor pen, you should get the hash started by holding your pen’s “on” button for a few seconds. Then activate for a full cycle while taking a hit off your pen. Or you can top off your flower with some bubble hash for extra potency.

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