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Spicy White Devil

Spicy White Devil

Spicy White Devil is a slightly sativa dominate hybrid (65% Sativa, 35% Indica). The name might seem strange, but the parent strains are very well-known; Spicy White Devil is a cross between Jack Herer and Blueberry. Jack Herer, named after the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, has a long heritage of medical properties. Spicy White Devils other parent strain, Blueberry, produces sweet flavors and relaxing effects.

The combination of the two strains allows Spicy White Devil to achieve very pleasant well rounded effects; producing a head high you would expect from Jack Herer and the sweet fruity aroma that you would expect from the Blueberry strain. Spicy White Devil has been tested by CannLabs – Total Potency 16.84%.

Spicy White Devil is a featured strain of Premium Pete’s Cultivation; Walking Raven is a proud distributor.

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