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Start your Career in the Cannabis Industry!

Welcome to history in the making!

With the passage of amendment 64, Colorado is the first state to take on a regulated, taxed, retail marijuana market. An entirely new American industry, born right here in Colorado, is rolling full steam ahead as new business’s both marijuana related and not are created and the demand for Marijuana industry workers increases. It’s a dream come true for some “cannaseurs”; the opportunity to work with Cannabis legally and for a paycheck! As exciting as it is, the requirement to work within the industry is simple; all potential new industry workers must obtain an “occupational license” that is designated as either a “support” or “key” badge.

This first step is the most crucial and should be done before starting the job search, as it will legally qualify you to work in the Cannabis industry. These badges are issued by the Marijuana Enforcement Division and are valid for 2 years from the date the license is issued. Click here for information on how to apply for a badge, requirements, and fees. With a badge in hand, a qualified candidate only needs a resume and determination to join the booming Cannabis industry. Good luck!

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